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Donate to Awaken a Brighter Future!

We are bringing life-changing tools of transformation to youth, schools & community in this time of need!

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Peace ~ Empowerment ~ Wholeness

Our mission is to Transform Youth, Schools & Communities through Holistic Practices!

Together we can give the gift of mindfulness to help youth, schools and communities navigate the unprecedented challenges facing us all!

At a time when It is more important than ever to bring these tools into our schools, budget cuts and financial limitations are being imposed on our most vulnerable communities.

This is mainly a result of the mandated measures schools must put into place to keep staff and students safe during these times.

However, the challenges of virtual/social-distance learning are causing increased stress, intense anxiety, emotional breakdowns, and egregious disconnection.

Now is the time to take action and be part of the SOULution!

For the past 6 years, we've seen how mindfulness practices have helped our school communities reduce stress, increase awareness, strengthen relationships, and make decisions that lead to positive outcomes.

When you make a gift today, your generosity will empower students and teachers to cultivate a calm and courageous heart amidst challenging circumstances by way of our evolved hybrid programming to meet their needs now!

Please support the Evolution of our SOULutions. We can't do this without our community.


KYDS was founded in 2014 by Mychal Mills & Rodney Salomon with a calling to bring holistic balance into the community. The pair observed repeated cycles of suffering which then sparked an obligation to facilitate healing.

Trusting their leap of love and focusing on SOULutions, Mychal and Rodney designed programs based on social-emotional learning, mindfulness, yoga, and movement for both schools and communities.

The impact of this transformation has been felt throughout 60+ schools in New Jersey, 8,000 youth, 3,500 educators and countless community members!