Expanding Safe & Brave Spaces for Community Healing

Being Together Again

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Being Together Again

~ We Believe Healing is Possible for Humanity to Thrive ~

Our 2022 End of Year Fundraising Campaign is focused on expanding safe spaces for healing and the reemergence of beloved community. Our focus is to intentionally create accessible offerings to the entire Asbury Park community and beyond.

In 2014, the beginning of KYDS was focused on an observation of deep, generational suffering and an obligation to create holistic SOULutions to meet the needs of the community. We are now in year 2022, the aftermath of outcries of racial inequity, isolated pandemic, global economic concerns, and more distance from our humanity that we have ever seen. Our observation and obligation continue to evolve. We understand the stress, anxiety, and depression plaguing the world. We understand the deep roots of our traumas have extended themselves outward from being isolated inward. We understand technology has played a role in keeping us close since 2020, but has also created more distance from our community. We understand our systems in education are in desperate need of radical change. We understand our individual purpose in the world, are calling of who we are to be, is a deep-seated question within our hearts. How do we answer this calling?

KYDS has been working to expand healing throughout schools and communities. We are actively facilitating trauma education and healing-informed practices to complement our initial work of social-emotional learning and mindfulness. We work closely with local schools to redesign our discipline system into a more restorative, healing community.

We have heard the pain of our community. Since our inception, we’ve been focused on the root cause of despair. Our healing approaches connect to the deepest layers below the surface. Our work is to heal the cause instead of the symptom. In the adverse childhood experience study, research reveals that addressing childhood trauma in the early years will have a lifetime of benefits and impact. We know through the work of heart coherence that creating balance within oneself can be the single most important task we can do to change the world.

How can we rise in our resilience?

KYDS seeks to create a community space for coherence within the heart on an individual, social, and global levels. This brave space of healing will expand our services for educators, parents, and youth. At the moment we offer three community events per month in a shared space. By opening up our own healing center, our goal is to expand meditation offerings to weekly, create weekly healing community circles, engage in embodied movement, integrate youth after-school programs, and bring various community leaders and healers together.

We are asking for your support in the expansion of our community efforts. Your donation will allow our efforts to create life-changing experiences in our community that we know can transform the world. We know a more beautiful, whole and heart-centered world is possible. Join us in creating this vision.

Be the change ~ Balance your heart ~ Heal your body ~ Support KYDS!